Coordinated design facilitates pristine presentation environment.

When a major Toronto financial services corporation required a team to design and execute an executive collaboration and presentation space, they assembled a project team lead by Joanna Keliar of Keliar Design. Novita Techne Consultants provided system design and architectural co-ordination, while construction was handled by DPI Construction Management with media systems integration by MacLean Media Systems.

“The goal of this project,” explains Project Manager Bob Reynolds “was to achieve the highest possible quality throughout – not only in the architectural finishes, but in the entire audio and video experience.” In order to meet this goal, every detail in the architectural and AV design was closely coordinated.

The main boardroom features a spectacular acoustic plaster domed ceiling and a unique 24-seat table design. Each position is equipped with a retractable display, keyboard and mouse so that users may view presentation material close-up, or work on their own dedicated workstation. Custom microphone and control plates allow users to activate the conferencing system, or control their screen functions.

Main display in the room is provided by a high-definition projector which is deployed behind an optically engineered rear-projection glass surface. “The use of rear projection not only removes a significant source of fan-noise from the room, but preserves the pristine aesthetics of the room – while also providing a bright, high quality viewing experience,” says Reynolds.

Videoconferencing is provided in an adjacent telepresence suite, optimized with the same project goals in mind. “This room,” explains Reynolds, “provides a natural, interactive meeting experience where far-end participants appear to be sitting across the table from one another in true-to-life geometry. The quality of the video and audio is exceptional – and that can only be achieved when the room and technology are designed hand-in-hand.”