Why Choose Us

We’ll help sort through all your needs, parameters and overlapping issues to deliver a seamless media system that is simply beautiful and beautifully simple.

The quality of your communication is pivotal. What you have to say is actually only half the battle because if the system you use to deliver your message – and to present yourself – gets in the way, the impact of what you have to say is lost. A media system needs to allow users to fully collaborate and present their ideas, teach and inspire. The user and the audience need a seamless experience and beautiful aesthetics. It needs to look and be flawless.

Media installation
board room media installation

Humber Culinary Lab

If your job is to help implement a media system that works for your venue or organization, we know you’re looking for someone to hear your real requirements, design a best-fit solution and then integrate it into your existing systems. MacLean Media Systems will help you choose what you need and make it happen, the way you need it. We’ll help you sort through the issues, even conflicting ones, coordinate the sub-trades and bring it all together. At MacLean Media, successful innovation is borne of perseverance and find-a-way attitude.

Our Process…


With a wide base of experience in audio, visual, environmental and interactive projects, we bring a big-picture perspective to the table. It enables us to ask the right questions, gather your real requirements and foresee any potential issues.

But we come with a blank slate. Our interest is simply to meet your actual needs in the best way possible for your organization – not to outfit you with products that will benefit us in the end. Our only priority and alliance is with you.


Effective media systems are often about uniting complex systems into one smooth experience for the users. Creating an experience where the users aren’t even aware of the complexities.

We are a collaborative, nimble team with the creativity to design sophisticated, yet simple systems that will meet all your requirements. And because of our solid research, we offer designs with accurate costs.


Installations are about making it happen, but doing it in a highly competent, efficient, even invisible way. To do that, we maintain a commando-like ethos – logistically strong and equipped for anything.

With our extensive construction experience, we are able to offer a valuable viewpoint within a construction team by communicating and coordinating the specialized requirements of media systems installations. In the end, our mission is efficacy. Being effective in the work we do, the schedules and costs we’ve committed to and the overall system we deliver.


Most media systems require a limited amount of ongoing maintenance, like cleaning of filters, changing bulbs or updating software. For the certainty of knowing these items are taken care of, and ensuring your system is always running optimally, we offer a maintenance service with plans customized to your particular system.

For systems beyond our standard 3-yr warranty, we also offer two types of maintenance service packages. Our On Call Package includes a fixed number of service calls with guaranteed response times. The Comprehensive Package is based on a flat yearly rate to make as many service calls as needed, replacing all parts as needed, up to an agreed total cost. We customize the details of all plans based on the system installed.