Audio and video systems connect to 30,000 students.

For over 15-years, MacLean Media Systems has provided design and integration support to Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning, one of Canada's largest community colleges. Often, MacLean concentrates on innovative uses of media technology in the College's public spaces, working closely with the Humber Student Federation, who’s primary focus is connecting with Humber's community of over 30,000 full-time students and providing enriched entertainment and social environments.

In 2014, MacLean Media Systems provided design and integration services for a performance and presentation system upgrade within the North Campus Student Centre. In a multi-purpose application, a new video-wall and audio system was designed to enhance the day-to-day environment with background audio and dynamic digital signage, while also supporting high energy musical productions, concerts and presentations along with their associated broadcast requirements.

MacLean engineered and fabricated a custom rigging frame and suspension system to support the 9'x16' high-definition video-wall which was designed to operate on a 24x7 basis. Careful attention was needed to ensure effective sight lines and aesthetic architectural integration with the existing building structure. The video-wall supports a wide range of digital signage and broadcast inputs, as well laptop inputs from the stage and front-of-house position, along with live HD video cameras.

High output, full range audio was provided by a digital, steerable beam array loudspeaker system. The specification and configuration of the array system was key in controlling audio coverage in the highly reflective and reverberant Student Centre. “Concrete walls, floor, stage and many surrounding glass surfaces provided a very challenging acoustic environment to tame,” explains Project Manager, Darrell MacLean. "Digital beam steering allowed us to carefully direct the loudspeaker's energy where we need it - in the audience - not on the walls and ceiling.”