Sophisticated multidisciplinary solutions.

Governmental meeting and conferencing facilities often present extensive and complex requirements for audio and video systems. Project Manager, Darrell MacLean, explains; “the systems we are installing nowadays, especially in municipal council chambers, are fine examples of the multidisciplinary projects we undertake. Many clients are asking for complex solutions which address high quality presentation audio, video presentation and preview, recording, broadcast, lighting and environmental controls along with meeting management functions such as speakers request queuing, voting, statistical records, and integration with information technology systems."

"We have a lot of technology at our disposal," MacLean continues, "but the underlying challenge in these systems is delivering a solution which can be operated and managed with minimal manpower. Not only do we tailor our systems to be operated by non-technical users, but we build-in automation to help address the variables of live presentations, such as unpredictable speech levels, or various audience sizes."

Each client has unique requirements, so MacLean Media takes the time to review options and offer numerous solutions. "In our experience - there is no one-size-fits-all solution," says MacLean. "So we bring our experience to the table, and take the time to carefully review options with our clients. We understand that these systems must be of the highest quality and reliability. They must also be built for long-term flexibility.”