Interactive & Environmental

From spaces meant to entertain and interact to those integrating specialized equipment with audio and video elements, we tackle an exceptional range of media-related challenges.


Interactive Visitor Experiences

Executed well, technology has the exciting abiliity to draw the visitor in and give a real sense of their integration and control over the event. Sound, visuals and lighting and other interactive equipment are orchestrated to build unforgettable guest experiences.

Automation or Environmental Systems

It’s about creating media systems with an unplugged ease-of-use and a beautiful aesthetic. And quick resolution features like remote monitoring can help prevent minor issues from becoming major problems.

Water Feature
Video Control Room

Specialized Projects

Making any multifaceted control system work, or work even better, requires a wide scope of understanding of system needs and a specialized understanding of the technologies available. We apply these – and a penchant for tackling uncharted territory – to deliver media systems that perform flawlessly.

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